2018 - What a Year

If we had to use one word to describe 2018 it would be ‘epic’. We’ve had such a multitude of brilliant projects it’s difficult to narrow it down – but here’s a few good ones.

In no particular order!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

1. Skye Ridge record Film

Filming Uisdean Hawthorn sprinting along the snow covered jagged edge of the Cuillin Ridge for Mountain Equipment is an experience we’ll never forget. The mix of hand held and drone footage certainly made an impact as it was used on national TV as Uisdean was interviewed by Scottish Breakfast TV.

Culling Ridge winter traverse record Uisdean Hawthorn  photography Lukasz Warzecha

2. The Wild in Me campaign for JMT

Scotland is a place we love so it was an honour to be chosen by the John Muir Trust to bring their work to a wider audience with a multi-film and image campaign. We took the opportunity to bring in two of our favourite fellow creative – poet Helen Mort and photographer Dave Cubby Cuthbertson to show us how the landscapes of Assynt, Sandwood Bay and Ben Nevis have shaped their work.

John Muir trust Lukasz Warzecha adventure Scottish travel

3. Kiso in summertime

We’ve always dreamed of working in Japan, so when we were invited to showcase the Kiso region in a film we leapt at the opportunity. The experience exceeded our expectation with combination of stunning mountain woodlands, ancient culture and local artisans steeped in their centuries old traditions providing great inspiration.

4. Footstep Away

This project with Sprayway has been a joy to work on. It’s the kind of deep detailed campaign we love enabling us to present Sprayway’s range within a mix of iconic urban setting contrasting with some of the lesser known wild corners of our national parks.

Sprayway clothes garments jacket photography Lukasz Warzecha

5. Facing Waves TV show

Not only were we Director of Photography, producer and writers on this project but Ulrika stepped around to the front of the cameras and presented this TV show looking at adventure kayaking in West Sweden. Something if even she won’t admit it herself, she excelled at!

Facing Waves TV show West Sweden

6. Epic Trails TV series

This exciting and inspiring collaboration with Heliconia Productions and the Epic Trails TV series has been a significant part of our work for the last couple of years. In 2018 as Director of Photography Lukasz again expanded his skills at the cutting edge of adventure travel film making with trips to Papua New Guinea, Alaska, Australia and Newfoundland. Check out the episode teasers from Season 1 here.

Epic trails director of photography Lukasz Warzecha

* * *

Trailer Meltdown short film global warming Iceland Lukasz Warzecha

Meltdown - Climate Change Film

For Icelanders their glaciers are a living embodiment of Iceland’s national identity. ‘Meltdown' explores the bond between this iconic landscape and a group of local glacier guides, who are now fighting to save these natural wonders from climate change extinction.

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

Kiso Japan adventure travel tourism travelling  Lukasz Warzecha

KISO - Ontake | Undiscovered Japan - 4K

Sometimes the stars align and projects come your way that combine an amazing location – somewhere you’ve wanted to visit for ages with a client that shares your vision and then when you get there the local people and culture lift the whole experience up to another level. ...

John Muir trust Lukasz Warzecha adventure Scottish travel

The Wild in Me: Helen Mort

The Wild in Me series of films celebrates wildness and the relationships between people and wild places. In this first film, poet Helen Mort finds inspiration for a new poem The Wild in Me among the striking scenery of Quinag in Assynt, and at Sandwood Bay, one of the UK’s most awe-inspiring beaches.

Monday, October 8th, 2018