Camaraderie and pushing equipment to the limit

One of the most interesting projects we’ve worked on recently has been the Epic Trails TV series for Outside TV. As I’m sure you know ‘Interesting’ is a euphemism that can cover all manner of things and in the case of our filming of Epic Trails the “interesting” moments covered pretty much every emotion in the book – from euphoria to exhaustion.

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Director of photography TV show Lukasz Warzecha

For the first season we filmed 7 episodes in 6 different countries – amongst those were dramatically contrasting environments, from the summer heat of the Australian outback to the sub zero Canadian winter, and from the humidity of jungles in Fiji to the dusty deserts of Jordan. Each involved different challenges for ourselves and our equipment, and we were constantly having to adapt and improvise to get the shots we wanted.

Epic Trails adventure travel photography Lukasz Warzecha

At the end of a year of locations the amount we’ve learnt has been amazing but perhaps 3 big things stand out.

  • 1. You can learn more problem-solving on the front line at a single challenging location than you can in a years worth of ‘safe’ shoots back home.
  • 2. It’s amazing how far you can push your equipment – in a sandstorm, in a blizzard, or falling down a waterfall somehow the cameras kept rolling.
  • 3. Great people make the difference in great films – through out the filming the enthusiasm of Epic Trail’s presenter Eric Hanson stood out as did the incredible range of local experts we met at each location.
Epic Trails TV show Director of photography Lukasz Warzecha

* * *

Culling ridge winter record Uisdean Hawthorn Lukasz Warzecha

New Cuillin Ridge winter traverse record by Uisdean Hawthorn

On Monday 26th of February 24 Year old Scot Uisdean Hawthorn set a new record for a winter traverse of Skye’s iconic Cuillin Ridge with his time of 4 hours, 57 minutes and 7 seconds knocking more than an hour and a quarter off the previous quickest ascent.

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

travel photographer cinematographer production studio Lukasz Warzecha

Film-maker, film-maker make me a film – by Ian Parnell

With the increasing quality of budget video cameras and free editing software included with many laptops there is a perception nowadays that film-making is a simple process open to everyone. But lets be honest about this when you shortcut the systems you usually shortcut the results.

Monday, February 12th, 2018

Nat Geo National Geographic Neil Gresham climbing Vietnam photography Lukasz Warzecha

National Geographic – Adventure Photo of the Week

You can see the image in full on the National Geographic website together with their caption and below my more detailed full interview.

Thursday, August 11th, 2016