Master of His Craft | SEIKO with Craig Mainprize

One of the things we pride ourselves with at LWimages is our versatility. We believe we’ve got the skills, experience and adaptability to ‘get the shot’ whether we are filming in a mountain top blizzard or 100ft below the surface in a dark cave.

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Our latest challenge felt a bit like both of those combined when we took on an assignment alongside a London based production company, Factory Media in partnership with Seiko, to provide underwater cinematography for the project. The filming took place around the over 18 meters long wreck of Stanegarth, originally built in 1910 as a steam powered tug ship in Liverpool, which now sits some 25m below the surface.

Diving underwater filming Lukasz Warzecha
diving cinematographer Lukasz Warzecha

The fact that we had five safety divers keeping an eye on us will give you an idea of how tricky this kind of work is. We’re pleased how it turned out.

Client – Factory Media / Seiko

DP – John Fisher

Underwater Camera – Lukasz Warzecha

Producer – Sarah Rimassa/Factory Media

Underwater Safety – Neil Cordell, Jolyon Price, Howard Turner (HydroActive/BAD)


* * *