The latest evolutions of Mountain Equipment's range are all engineered to provide outstanding fit and functionality, stemming from a crafted approach to design and construction which has involved countless people, hours of work and years of experience. We've been on two separate missions to capture their Autumn Winter 2019/2020 campaign. Here's the skiing part from Sylarna, Sweden.

Advertising Campaign | January 2019

Director of Photography - Lukasz Warzecha Photographer - Lukasz Warzecha Producer - Ulrika Larsson Executive Producer/Creative Director - Richard Bailey Skiers - Martin Strömgren, Julia Hedman, Johan Arnemo

Adventure travel destination Sweden
Adventure skiing  Sweden Lukasz Warecha
Sylarna  climbing skiing travel Lukasz Warzecha
Sylarna Sweden skiing Lukasz Warzecha
Sweden skiing off piste Lukasz Warzecha
Sylarna adventure travel Sweden Lukasz Warzecha
Sweden skiing mountains
Adventure travel skiing Sweden Lukasz Warzecha
Sweden Sylarna adventure travel skiing