Monday, MAY 22ND, 2023


A marine conservation initiative organised by the Swedish Coast and Sea Center with support from the City of Malmö and Marint Kunskapscenter, among others.

Photography by Ulrika Larsson & Lukasz Larsson Warzecha
UW Photography by Lukasz Larsson Warzecha
“Havsresan” (the Sea Journey) was started in 1990 by Lund University of Technology (LTH) to raise awareness of significant cultural and environmental challenges in the sea and along the Swedish coastline.

Backed by local authorities and companies, with support from the Malmö dive club and the public, a group of knowledgeable and skilled scuba divers and researchers gathered last week in Malmö to conduct a broad range of surveys focusing on seagrass habitats and marine biodiversity at an offshore wind turbine park. Divers also surveyed the sewage water plant outlet and Malmö harbour, plus some exciting historic wrecks; all participants collected valuable data during the week.

It was the first time LWimages participated in this project, and we photographed and filmed both topside and underwater. Swedish Television (SVT) published two news features about the initiative with some of our footage.

It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in a local project, and we hope to be back next year for new challenges.
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