Advertising Campaign | August 2019


At LWimages we aim to combine professionalism with personal passion. Our work with partners, such as the West Sweden Tourist Board, who hold similar values to ours, enables us to share our love of the outdoor world. This particular campaign promoted the area's wide range of stunning hiking trails through a comprehensive selection of films and stills images.

Following the area's network of trails from the famous 370km Bohusleden walkthrough to the ancient pilgrim paths, we were able to highlight West Sweden's environmental diversity with its coastal, forest and inland water biospheres. This was an assignment that enabled us to showcase the beauty of the landscape, so close to our heart, that surrounds our Swedish office.
Client - West Sweden TB
Photography/Cinematography - Lukasz Larsson Warzecha Producer - Ulrika Larsson Creative Director - Ian Parnell Executive Producer - Åsa Johanesson, Ann-Charlotte Carlsson, Johan Engström
- campaign images
- narrative 60sec video stories