Khumbu Valley - NEPAL

When the terrible news regarding the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal back in April 2015, reached the rest of the world, many people and organizations asked themselves: What can WE do to help and give back to Nepal and it's people in these difficult times?

With the inspiration from other stakeholders within the adventure travel community, we have spent two weeks in late May 2015 with Everest Summit Lodges, visiting their comfort lodges outside Kathmandu and in the Khumbu Valley, creating new marketing material pro bono during a 8 day trek with staff and guides from Everest Summit Lodges. Being able to have a first hand experience on location, realizing that the Khumbu Valley is as beautiful as ever, we understood there is no reason for people to stay away from this part of Nepal.
Photography - Lukasz Larsson Warzecha | Ulrika Larsson
- selection of still images